Toll increase would punish Cecil County

While we're already in a battle to stop in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, the politicians and the Maryland Transportation Authority are trying to increase tolls and abolish the decal system. The decal system lets locals in places like Cecil County pay a small annual fee for unlimited access to enter the county where they live.

Many of you have voiced your outrage at the proposed toll increases. I have one thing to say to the elected politicians and the MdTA leadership who want to put their hand in our pockets again: Our money belongs to us and you do not have a right to it.

Cecil County is the only county the citizens have to pay to enter. Most of this toll money goes to Montgomery County to fund the Inter-County Connector and mass transit. They want to raise our tolls to $8 dollars in 18 months and replace the decal system with the E-Z Pass, increasing the cost to $100 annually. Tourism will suffer because over 500,000 people visit our county annually, and they may reconsider coming.

Many in Cecil work and shop in Harford County, and they just can't afford any more taxing. Businesses will lose money because people will be less likely to travel to their stores. The fishermen who trailer their boats will be hit hard; they already pay as much as an 18 wheeler, and they will be less likely to come and spend money at local businesses. This tax is regressive; it hurts the poor and retired the most.

Please attend the hearing at Perryville High School on June 16 at 6 p.m. (register by 5 p.m. to speak), and on June 27 at Havre de Grace Activity Center.

Del. Glen Glass, Annapolis

The writer, a Republican, represents District 34 in Harford and Cecil counties.

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