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Shattuck needs to share the wealth

"Shattuck sees 44 percent increase in package."

This was the headline in The Sun on Saturday, April 16. The accompanying article pointed out that Constellation Energy Group CEO Mayo A. Shattuck received $15.7 million in compensation for 2010, even as his company lost $1 billion. Something seems amiss here. Every year Mr. Shattuck gets a generous raise whether he does good or bad in his job.

In February, 1994, Constellation/Baltimore Gas & Electric Co., retired about 800-plus employees. These retired employees, along with many who were retired prior to1994, were the backbone of the company. They made it work.

Mr. Shattuck gets his raises every year, but there have been no cost of living raises given to any retiree who retired in February of 1994. Seventeen years have gone by and the retirees have been left out in the cold. When will Mr. Shattuck realize that it just is not fair? I am not against anyone receiving an increase in compensation, but why can't all of us receive some, too?

Ron Lippa, Bel Air

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