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Judge is right: Hamas targets civilians

In her op-ed, Laila El-Haddad ("Palestinians betrayed by Judge Goldstone," April 18) displays the mind-set of someone who believes that the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, is blameless in its purposeful attacks on Israeli civilians.

While Judge Goldstone recently noted "that civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy by Israel," he cannot say the same for Hamas. He states, "That the crimes allegedly committed by Hamas were intentional goes without saying — its rockets were purposefully and indiscriminately aimed at civilian targets." Yet, Ms. Haddad would have none of it. Despite numerous official and unofficial investigations blaming Hamas, she refuses to accept the truth — Hamas' responsibility for shooting hundreds of rockets at Israel's civilian population.

Oh, did I mention that last week Hamas admitted they intentionally fired a rocket at an Israeli school bus filled with children? Who got it wrong Ms. Haddad, you or Hamas?

Arthur C. Abramson, Baltimore

The writer is executive director of the Baltimore Jewish Council

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