Budget cuts are coming one way or another

I laughed upon reading John Wilhelm's letter ("Budget showdown not Congress' finest hour," April 11) in which he expresses disgust with Congress for daring to near the deadline for a government shutdown. Mr. Wilhelm and many others seem to forget it takes three to tango, and two of those three are the U.S. Senate and the President. The House does not act in a vacuum.

Had they proposed a budget that the Senate and President Obama would have signed off on without delay, not only would it have not contained any cuts, it would have likely included the increased spending this President and Senate have championed for the last two years.

And how inconvenienced will the federal workers be on the day that our debts are called in and there's no money left to pay them? America needs to stop burying its collective head in the sand and understand that spending cuts are inevitable, whether they happen voluntarily, or as the precursor to the riots that will surely follow if we keep up the reckless spending. When that day comes, perhaps Mr. Wilhelm and others who share his view will curse the Congress for not holding out for more substantial cuts.

Fred Pasek, Frederick

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