Israel doesn't "trade" with terrorists

Regarding the photo caption accompanying your article "Israel, Gaza militants trade more fire" (April 10):

You have a very odd definition of "trading." When I think of trading, I think of trading commercial goods or baseball cards. The idea is of people voluntarily exchanging things of equal value.

Israel has not been "trading" anything with the Palestinian terrorists over the last few weeks. In a short period of time, Palestinian terrorists have slaughtered a young family of five in cold blood, detonated a bomb on a bus in Jerusalem -- killing one and injuring at least 100 -- and fired a rocket at a well-marked school bus that severely injured a child.

In response, Israel has attacked terrorists, rocket-launching sites and smuggling tunnels in Gaza. I would not call that "trading."

Somehow, The Sun always loses sight of the fact that the Palestinian terrorists are intentionally targeting innocent civilians, from babies to the elderly, while the Israeli Defense Forces go to extraordinary lengths to avoid civilian casualties in defending Israeli citizens.

It would be refreshing if every so often The Sun could report on events in Israel objectively.

William Sharfman, Baltimore

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