Taming deficits will take more than just raising taxes

A recent letter writer proclaims that "anyone who claims to be concerned about the deficit and doesn't want to raise taxes is either a fool or a fraud" ("Taxes and the deficit," April 8).

With all due respect, our current national debt is over $14 trillion, an amount that equates to more than $45,000 for every living American man, woman and child. Our debt is crushing, and America's children are at risk. We're well beyond just raising taxes, and just raising taxes alone won't get us anywhere near where we need to be in the coming decades.

I think we can safely say that any American who claims to be concerned about the deficit and doesn't understand that we need to raise taxes on the wealthy, cut defense spending, cut discretionary spending, reduce payments to the poor and unemployed, reduce education spending, restructure Medicare and Medicaid, reign in public unions, reduce corporate tax breaks, eliminate corporate giveaways and stop funding National Public Radio and other pet political programs is either a fool or a fraud.

Michael DeCicco, Severn

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