Focus should be on country, not politics

On April 10, the front page of The Sun carried this headline related to the recent budget negotiations and deal: "Who won, who lost?" The subhead further suggested that the Republicans won and President Obama preserved personal political gains.

The CNN web page carried a similar article title yesterday, and it's distressing to see that both CNN and the Sun have lost focus of the most important matter. The verbiage in the full article notwithstanding, the aforementioned headline carried the wrong message. The only winner in the budget debate must be the United States. That absolutely must be the focus.

Political gains or losses be damned when it comes to the security and solvency of the U.S. government, and of course the betterment of our citizens and the country.

On a related point, in the wake of the assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, our politicians spouted promises of toned down rhetoric and strengthening bipartisanship. Well, it seems that our politicians have short memories.

I urge the Sun to refocus on what's really important in the dealings on Capitol Hill and in the government at large — the welfare of the United States.

Jim Huminski, Hanover

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