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O'Malley should veto tuition bill

The passing of the In-State Tuition bill for children of Illegal Immigrants was NOT the right thing to do and as a result in these hard economic times Marylanders were slapped in the face by the Democrats who continue to spend money like like it growing on trees when it fact it is coming out of the pockets of Marylanders who simply cannot afford to pay anymore of their hard earned money for something that will benefit the criminal element of society. The In-State Tuition Bill is another waste of Maryland Taxpayers money in the long run since the State will lose between 2 to 3 million dollars a Year now that the Floodgate has been opened for Illegal Immigrants to flock to Maryland for the best of everything! Once again the Democratic has sold the Maryland Taxpayer out to those who truly don't belong here. I seriously urge Governor O'Malley to "VETO" the In-State Tuition Bill as well as "VETO" the Budget Bill. The right thing to do would be to "VETO" these Bills and save the pain and suffering that will haunt us down the road later! Maryland needs actions of Financial Responsibility now in order to turn the tide and prevent the overburdening the taxpayer later as well as end this possible run into bankruptcy that could wreck the State forever! Maryland must End the give-a-ways and show the citizens who have tightened their belts that the State can and will do the same!

Again I urge Governor O'Malley to do the right thing and "Veto" the In- State Tuition Bill as well as the over bloated Budget Bill and save the Great Proud Free State of Maryland, thus making it a place that truly is well worth living in by being Financially responisble for all its citizens and end the giveaways that are doing nothing to benefit the State at all, but which will haunt all taxpayers later who have to pay the bills! Show us all some Fairness and "Veto" those bills when they reach your desk!

Ken J. Bower, Edgewood,

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