Federal budget: Make Congress do its job … or else

The federal fiscal year 2011 began on October 1, 2010. Congress has yet to pass a budget for that year, and political posturing has led to financial brinksmanship. Let's challenge Congress to do the responsible thing: demand that a budget be enacted before the fiscal year starts or else!!

Or else what? Or else the government really shuts down: no air traffic controllers, no Social Security payments, no federally insured banking, no food inspections, no security for the White House or Capitol, and especially no pay or perks for Congress. No heat, air conditioning, electricity or running water in the Capitol building! The military doesn't get fed, military operations cease, contracts are suspended. Embassies overseas are shuttered. In other words, a complete stoppage of all federal activities.

It seems that this may be the only way to force Congress to become more efficient and responsible.

George Donadoni, Glen Burnie

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