Freemasons: part of the family

Thank you for Jean Marbella's article on the Freemasons ("Masons open their doors at least a crack," April 2). My dad, Justinus Gould, who would be 110 this summer if still among us, was a devout Mason and a member of Cassia Lodge. He was a deeply religious Reform Jew, being a life-long member of Har Sinai Congregation.

My dad disliked any references to superstition and those types of matters. One of his greatest joys in life after mom and me and my family and equal to his work as a Capitol Hill attorney (he commuted) was his work with Masonry.

He went through the degrees and relished his participation in them. After going through the degrees (which go to 32nd), he received his KCCH when I was very young. Then for some reason one day in the early 60s mom picked me up at Pimlico Junior High (rather than my taking the school bus). As soon as I got in the car, Mom said she was thrilled and had great news. I guessed immediately, "Dad got his 33rd!?" Mom excitedly said "Yes!" That was one of dad's greatest accomplishments in his 95 years on this Earth, and he treasured that as much as his legal achievements and awards-which were numerous. After mom and me and family, his legal career and his deep religion and participation in Freemasonry were the sources of his greatest satisfaction in life.

Mom belonged to and participated in the women's auxiliary of Freemasonry, the Eastern Star (Kerchief Ray chapter); I dated quite a few nice young men in the boys' auxiliary of Freemasonry; and my husband's father belonged to Freemasonry in the Seattle area.

I am proud to be the daughter of not just a Mason, but of a 33rd degree Mason. Thank you for a wonderful article. It is good to see Freemasonry making a comeback.

Patricia "Patsy" Parker, Reisterstown

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