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Bourbon Street Live stabbing: Clubs are time bombs

The death of a man at the Bourbon Street Live club early Sunday morning was sadly inevitable ("Man dead, three stabbed at club," April 3.) The toxic combination of youth and alcohol, fueled by a promotional "Ladies Night," is going to eventually result in tragic circumstances. These clubs are time bombs; it's just a matter of when or where the next fatality will occur.

The Sun reported that this particular club has excellent security, with guards and cameras to canvass the dance floor. This proves that the best surveillance will not deter intoxicated people intent on inflicting bodily harm. Where was security before it came to their attention that four people were stabbed, one fatally?

The bottom line is that the owners of these downtown clubs are intent on making copious amounts of money despite the constant risk of violence rearing its ugly head.

That's simply the way it is with the agenda of combining youth and alcohol consumption. Owners can talk all day about robust security measures, but the truth is that undercurrent is ever-present for violence to occur in a nanosecond at such a venue.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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