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Hoke Smith: Exceptional Towson Univ. Leader

In Blaine Taylor's letter ("Next Towson University president needs to focus on relations with Towson," April 4) he may be right on in his comments regarding former president James L. Fisher, the 9-month president Mark Perkins (responsible for the Guilford house fiasco), and soon-to-be-leaving president of the last seven years, Robert Caret.

However, he doesn't even mention the wonderful "philosopher" president of 22 years, Dr. Hoke L. Smith. How can he jump from Fisher to Perkins to Caret and omit the man, Dr. Smith, who for 22 years focused on the university, the students, the faculty and staff? Unlike the others, here was a man with no ego to stand in his way; he was honest and sincere and put everyone's interests above his own. Its true he only built a few buildings, but in working with him everyone took pride in their work. There was a cohesiveness of purpose. We were all working to build a future for our young people to make valuable contributions to society. It's sad to say but, "they don't make um like that anymore!" Gee I'm glad I lived during that era.

Helene Breazeale, Baltimore

The writer is a Towson University professor emeritus.

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