What the Orioles should do

Make it entertaining this year. Like many fans, I find myself optimistic for the first time in many seasons. Maybe it was the hearty start in spring training. Maybe it was getting Vladimir Guerrero. But that might be a set up for disappointment. I don't mean to be discouraging; it's just that they've let us down before.

Every Little Leaguer has been told at one point or another that winning isn't everything. Remember that going into this season. I don't care whether the team makes it to the pennant or if every game is a shutout. All I want is one damn entertaining year for the O's. Times are tough, and they owe it to us.

So let them steal every base. Rush the mound. Get the fans whipped up and frenzied. Bean a Yankee every chance you get. Play the game as if they were trying to make Ty Cobb blush. Don't play for runs or for stats. Play for the fans. Play for Baltimore. Change the game, and they'll be remembered forever.


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