Circus animals are treated cruelly

I am deeply troubled by The Sun's promotion of animal circuses as fun-filled family events. ("50 ways to spring forward," March 18).

Animals don't wear demeaning costumes, stand on each others' backs, or jump through rings of fire by choice. It is only through cruel training methods that these majestic animals perform such behaviors. One need only do a quick Internet search to find hundreds of circus training videos depicting elephants, tigers, bears and horses being shackled, shocked or beaten with sharp hooks. After their performances, these innocent animals are forced into crowded and overheated boxcars so that they may endure miles and miles of travel to their next destination.

If any of these training methods were performed on a cat or dog, society would label such behavior as animal cruelty. Why is it that The Sun labels this cruel treatment of exotic animals as "entertainment"?

Anna Martin, Baltimore

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