Jockey Club antics

I have never been a true horse racing enthusiast, but I have followed the sport's Triple Crown since I was a teenager. It's just what you do as a native Baltimorean.

But leave it to the Baltimore Jockey Club to leave the Preakness bereft of any semblance of class or proud heritage. To them, it's simply about bringing back the wasted masses to the infield -- on their terms.

Translated, that means "ka-ching" to the Jockey Club. Never mind the general welfare of the infield-imbibing imbeciles, just make sure they bring their wallets.

If the Preakness is perceived as the second jewel in the Triple Crown, leave it to the Maryland Jockey Club to prove that jewel is most certainly cubic zirconium.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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