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Businesses can absorb a gas tax increase

In reply to Misty Sexton's letter that businesses can't afford the increase in gas tax ("Consumers can afford a 10-cent gas tax increase, but many businesses can't," March 17). The idea of the 10-cents-a-gallon increase is to fix roads, bridges, etc., that need repair. If "Company B" uses 45,000 gallons of diesel a week, obviously they are doing more damage to our roads and bridges than I am using 10 gallons a week. So who should pay more?

They are already paying 10 times as much as the 10 cents tax increase because gas already went up a dollar over the last few months. I'm sure the extra cost has already been passed on to us, and then some, in the form of higher prices.

Ten cents a gallon represents a 2.5 percent increase. How about cutting 2.5 percent off of how much gas they use? I see trucks sitting at the truck stop idling while their drivers are inside getting a meal. While I am passing someone at 65 mph on the 55 mph beltway, a truck is pushing me along 10 feet from my back bumper. As soon as I am past, he is heading down the road at 75 mph.

No, I don't think 10 cents a gallon is "going to result in mass layoffs," it will result in higher prices for us.

We could all easily cut our gas use by 10 percent, that is at least how much we waste by driving with under-inflated tires, over the speed limit, hard braking and acceleration and most of all by leaving our vehicles idling while we wait for our kids outside the school, while we go into the 7-11 for coffee and cigarettes, while we "warm up" or "cool down" the car before driving to work.

David Liddle

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