Republicans will lose in Md. until they change their message

The whining of the Republican leadership in attempting to comprehend their lowly status in Maryland was both enlightening and entertaining ("Conservative Mooney elected state party chairman," Dec. 11). Their state of denial is all encompassing. It is easy to see why they will remain in the minority. A brief explanation is all that is needed.

First, Republican strength is centered in the two economically challenged areas of the state, the Eastern Shore and Western Maryland. Why people who consistently remain economically depressed continue to see Republicans as their salvation is beyond comprehension. The Democratic regions have better education, better wages and job opportunities, and better health care.

Second, Republican self-righteousness is hypocritical. Pro-life is more pro-fetus. Republicans consistently prove their lack of empathy after birth. Pro-family? Republicans are against fair wages, safe working conditions, environmental protections, sick leave, vacation time and health care. Aren't these all pro-family? The continuous scandals, with both their political and religious leaders, actually show contempt for their supposed religious beliefs.

Third, people of Maryland are highly intelligent and open minded. Hate does not foster support. Gays are not to be feared; non-Christians are not to be demonized; and illegal immigration needs to be resolved not used as a wedge issue. The very areas Republicans are looking for support are the same areas that experienced that same bigotry. Voters are looking for a more enlightened societal outlook.

I know Marylanders would support alternatives to the some of the Democratic economic policies, but not at the expense to our enlightened policies regarding basic human rights and human respect. The bottom line is Republicans will continue to lose in the major population areas in Maryland until they realize they have to change their message; not that voters must change their reception of the same tired and worn policies.

Alan McAllister, Severna Park

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