Jablon appointment a mistake

I'm very disappointed in Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz for nominating Arnold E. Jablon to become head of the new Department of Permits, Inspections and Approval. ("Conflict Feared in Jablon's Balto. Co. Posting," Dec. 12).

I'm also disappointed in the Baltimore County Council members who have expressed support of Mr. Jablon, the former county zoning commissioner. Mr. Jablon is returning to Baltimore County after working for the Venable law firm in Towson. His contact there with developers brews a perfect storm for conflict of interest.

In essence, Mr. Jablon will be a land development chief making decisions on permits and construction, some of which will come from his former law firm. This not only has the "appearance of impropriety," it reinforces the good ol' boy Baltimore County politics that many community leaders (including me) abhor.

This is payback time in politics, as Mr. Jablon takes on a newly created $180,000 a year position. He left county government in 2003 to join a private law firm. Now, many Baltimore Countians wish he had stayed there.

David Boyd, White Hall

The writer is the founder of Property Taxpayers United.

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