Cheatham: Shomrim should not be shut down

I am now and always have been a strong supporter of citizens on patrol groups. Evidence of this is the fact that I have been on four different community COP walks this year alone. Contrary to misinformation in a letter to the editor published Tuesday ("What's the evidence against Shomrim," Dec. 7), I am not one of those who have called for the Shomrim community patrol to be disbanded.

As a past president of two community organizations, I know for certain that we need citizens involved with the safekeeping of our neighborhoods. I do request, however, in accordance with the "4 Steps to Fighting Crime" published by the Baltimore City Police Department, that these citizen groups understand and adhere to the fact that they are "observers only. They report criminal and suspicious activity to the police and should not attempt to get involved."

Marvin L. "Doc" Cheatham Sr., Baltimore

The writer is the former president of the Baltimore NAACP.

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