What's the evidence against Shomrim?

When I read the article about the African-American teen being attacked by a member of a Jewish community watch dog group ("Tension in Park Heights," Dec. 5), I saw it as another incident of crime in the city. I was then astounded to read that the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance was suddenly calling for the "violent fringe group" Shomrim to be disbanded!

Was this incident one of many such attacks? Is there any indication that this group are vigilantes, out to get blacks?

The article noted that it was one of the group's members who came to the teen's rescue and provided information to the police. Yet black leaders have pounced on this isolated act by rogue members as a catalyst for a possible uprising. As a black citizen of Baltimore, I believe that the black leaders do an injustice to our community by assuming that this incident will invoke riotous feelings. Where is your indignation over the daily reports of black on black crimes that permeate our communities?

Doc Cheatham, the former president of the Baltimore NAACP, and the Ministerial Alliance would do better to learn how to galvanize our own Shomrims in communities where residents would love to have the benefits a watch group.

Lorraine Brown, Baltimore

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