Gays don't harm other nations' militaries

By now, I think we all know the repeal of don't ask, don't tell is long overdue. It is shameful that the United States ever enacted this law and that it has taken so long to repeal it will go down in history as one of our darker moments as a nation. Even without the numerous reports by experts, 25 foreign militaries, U.S. military and civilian leaders, and the American public, which all agree that open service by gays and lesbians is compatible with an effective military, the fact is that anyone brave enough to defend our nation deserves to do so openly and to have the support of our government and its citizens. It is a civil right that should be extended to our troops, without hesitation.

As a gay American, I sincerely hope our public officials are half as brave as those serving in our military and do what they know is right and repeal this policy of discrimination once and for all.

Hillary Levin, Parkville

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