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Let's freeze government contractors' pay, too

Since the sole purpose of freezing federal pay ("The call for civil sacrifice," Dec. 1) is to show fiscal discipline, if we freeze pay on all government workers we must include all employees of government contractors, and reduce contractors' pay to the equivalent government job they are replacing. It would make government more efficient.

For those contractors that have overhead expenses like executive pay in excess of the equivalent government executive, obviously we cannot afford, with our budget deficit, to keep them on and would have to save money by bringing the jobs into the government. Since on average government workers are paid 22 percent less than the equivalent private sector worker, this would apply to most contracts and would result in vast savings.

Of course we also have to put a freeze on lobbyist pay to the equivalent of the standard unrepresented voter.

In order to hire a lobbyist, the hiring firm would have to freeze pay increases for two years also.

Lawyers' pay for suits where the government is involved must be limited to the equivalent pay for the government lawyers. This will make business more efficient and increase profits.

Yes, I am eager for the Obama administration to cut back on inefficient contractors, wasteful lobbyists, and high priced lawyers.

Allyson Mattanah, Baltimore

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