Balto. Co. recycling isn't perfect

In response to "Baltimore County lauds expansion of single-stream recycling" (Nov. 23), I would like to point out a possible fatal flaw.

I live at Henderson Webb apartments in Cockeysville and was very excited to hear we too were participating in the recycling program. When you reported that at one apartment complex, "all 10 recycling containers, which each hold two cubic yards, were full," I wondered what they were full of. At my apartment complex, all of our recycling dumpsters have been full as well. However, when you take a closer look, they are all full of trash.

It seems too good to be true that over night, recycling has increased 20 percent, as reported. You cannot expect people to change their ways, even when recycling is brought to their doorstep. I wonder what happens to all the trash that is mixed in with recyclables when hauled away.

Robert E. Moore of the Bureau of Solid Waste Management does not mention this in the article. I still recycle at the county dump as I always have, even though a blue dumpster is right outside my door. Yes, those blue dumpsters sure are full. In fact, they are overflowing at my complex with old furniture, bags of household waste, food scraps and a few recyclables.

Jesse Passwaters, Cockeysville

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