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Harris asked a reasonable question

I cannot believe the diatribes and articles on U.S. Rep.-elect Andy Harris asking when his health coverage starts. This is a common question and concern of working, insured Americans. We ask, maybe even suggest the company change policy, then we go buy an interim policy so we are covered for the period in question. It is a common sense question and of concern of most of us, albeit not with progressives who can't be bothered by details or facts.

Why not the same coverage on the following:

•The president's failed trip to Asia where many nations were disappointed with his failed economic policies;

•The president's abject failure to live up to a Nobel Peace Prize, which he should have rejected in the first place and told the Norwegians to give him after he proved himself;

•Allowing the Congress to not pass a 2011 budget. (I guess he didn't want the additional deficit programmed into the budget to get out before elections earlier this month. I know this is the Congress' fault too, but he could be a leader for a change.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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