Anti-Google rant is anti-American

I read Tuesday's rant from that un-American, left-wing socialist Marta Mossburg, criticizing the free market and capitalism, and I am outraged ("Turns out Google's free e-mail is worth every penny," Nov. 23). How dare "comrade Mossburg" criticize Google for providing a free e-mail service! Doesn't she know Google is the biggest Internet company in the world? The free market has spoken, and Google is clearly divinely sent by Jesus and Ronald Reagan to deliver us from the evils of the socialist Democrats and their godless, secret Muslim leader Barack Hussein Obama.

So Ms. Mossburg dares to complain the her e-mail account was hacked and all her personal information stolen? That's the price of doing business in the free market, comrade. If you don't like it, move to the Soviet Union and worship Joe Stalin. If Google didn't have its hands tied by excessive government regulation, this kind of thing would probably never have happened. And to dare disparage Google for providing a flawless product for the absolute lowest possible price (free) is simply un-American.

But on top of all that, to suggest such a jewel of free enterprise as Google is somehow indulging in socialism for providing something for free is blasphemy! Did President Obama force Google to care for its customers?

Did the socialist-run, Democrat Congress give one penny of taxpayer money to Google? Of course not! Google gave "comrade Mossburg" exactly what she asked for, as any red-blooded, God-fearing capitalist hero would. And she has the nerve to criticize them? Well, let's put "Chairman Mao Mossburg" on the next plane and ship her off to Guantanamo where she and all her godless, socialist, blame-America-first crowd belong!

Tea Party forever!!!

William Smith, Baltimore

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