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CCBC right to bar veteran

I do not find the actions of the Community College of Baltimore County in banning from campus Iraq War veteran Charles Whittington "troubling" ("Support the troops," Nov. 23). They were correct and proactive!

Any student who turns in a paper, no matter how sincere, in which he describes a lust for violence must be removed from the student community. even though he conceded in his paper "it wasn't normal to dwell on the pleasure of sticking his knife between an enemy soldier's ribs." If I were a student at CCBC, might I have become "an enemy soldier" in Mr. Whittington's imagination?

How much campus slaughter do we need before we understand there is such a thing as blood lust? And regarding the psychological toll our nation's wars exact, perhaps the next time a jingoistic administration hankers to invade and destroy a country, lamebrain American citizens will recognize the cost. I was hoping the Obama Administration would de-escalate our adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, but sadly they carry on "business as usual." Americans wonder why the world hates us. Isn't it pretty obvious?

Regarding veteran Charles Whittington, I hope he gets some help, but I applaud the actions of the Community College of Baltimore County. They were proactive in preventing a bloody tragedy and should be commended!

Rosa Nester, Baltimore

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