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Ray Rice autograph: much ado about nothing

Why does the Baltimore County chief of police feel the need to perpetuate the life of story about Ray Rice giving a policeman his autograph ("Police chief says officer who accepted Ravens autograph might have been wrong," Nov. 19)?

Internal affairs has already recommended that there be no disciplinary action against the officer, but Chief James W. Johnson will not rule it out. He has given new life to a matter that was deservedly dying a quick death. Has he nothing else to do but pander to the interests of the political correctness police?

If he was ever a patrol officer for more than a month he must have some knowledge that officers exercise discretion on minor traffic stops every day! What is his answer going to be? Perhaps he can expand the internal affairs unit to the same size as the patrol bureau and have an IA officer ride with every patrol officer to ensure that every minute of every day each officer uses no discretion and does absolutely nothing that is not written in the Holy Book of the General Order Manual!

Focus on something important, chief.

L. Schweinsburg, Crofton

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