City fails to enforce residential parking restrictions

The residents near Morgan State University should know that obtaining residential parking restrictions will not solve their parking problems ("Morgan State neighbors protest student, staff parking on streets," Nov. 15). I live in residential parking zone #15 on the west side, near downtown. Monday through Friday mornings, as my neighbors leave for work, their spaces are occupied by cars showing visitor's parking passes which are borrowed or in some cases bought from neighborhood residents or renters. They remove backpacks or attache cases from their cars and walk out of the neighborhood, not to be seen until hours later when their work or school days are over, when they return and drive away. It is obvious to any observer that these people are commuters, and yet the city does nothing to stop this practice.

If the city would enforce the restrictions on residential parking, our neighborhoods would have ample parking for its residents, more people would use public transportation, and city coffers would be enriched by the fines paid by violators.

Judith Aleksalza, Baltimore

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