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Adults also have need for Harry Potter-style escapism

I was surprised to learn that the main audience for the newest Harry Potter film will most likely be adults ("Harry Potter casts a spell on grown-ups, Nov. 12). Growing up in Baltimore and with Harry Potter, I never knew that there was such a love for the wizarding world among adults. These adults feel like they get to escape when reading and watching the Harry Potter series. It is sad that they are in need of such escapism in today's society. The stress of their jobs and home lives leads them to Harry Potter.

Many people may find it strange that the adults mentioned in the article are so obsessed with the Harry Potter series. As I read the article, I could see that many of them did not feel "normal." These adults are in need of a break from the monotony and stress of their lives, but somehow that makes them abnormal. When thinking about the strangeness of their obsessions, I remember that children escape into a different world all the time. How is it different when an adult needs that escape as well?

As discussed in the article, today's society is so concentrated on growing up and leaving behind one's childhood that we often forget the benefits of being a child. Many Americans find themselves too stressed and bored by their day-to-day lives to be happy. Happiness is what something like the Harry Potter series provides to both adults and children.

Heather Cassano, Reisterstown

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