Common sense lacking among climate change skeptics

I appreciate James McGarry's attempt to inject some common sense into the discussion of climate change, and I agree with many of the actions he proposes ("Climate change? Forget it," Nov. 14).

However, these actions presume that all parties agree that climate change is caused by human activities — specifically, by burning fossil fuels. Although the science on this point is quite firm, the skeptics continue to deny that climate change has anything to do with human activities.

Republicans who favor changes in policy for national security reasons argue that we should reduce our reliance on foreign oil by increasing domestic production, both in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve and off shore; they are not concerned about the environmental risks posed by such action, nor are they interested in overall reduction in use of fossil fuels.

In fact, those who question the science of global warming and oppose efforts to reduce our use of fossil fuels are generally in the pocket of the oil, coal, and gas industry, which will do anything to keep Americans from reducing use of fossil fuels. They have spent millions to shape public opinion with questionable and distorted "science." So I think McGarry's proposals are doomed. I wish I could believe that we are not likewise all doomed by runaway global warming.

Elizabeth Fixsen, Savage

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