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Proposed military cuts should be just a start

While I disagree with most of the proposals from the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, I like the idea of cutting $100 billion from the Pentagon budget ("Deficit plan spreads the pain," Nov. 11). Actually, this is chump change for the generals and the admirals who are used to lavish spending of tax dollars, but we need any cut we can get from an out-of-control military budget.

Imagine how many lives would be saved if the budget cutbacks meant there were no more drones. Or, if the $100 billion were used to bring all of the troops home, the insane wars would be over. People around the world, especially in the conflict zones, would begin a slow process of reevaluating their opinions of our nation once their people were not being killed by the U.S. military.

But then there is Congress, beholden to the military contractors. I am sure Congress will increase the military budget, despite the dire fiscal situation. When will we the people come together and stop this nonsense? We cannot afford to be represented by the best Congress money can buy.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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