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Impeach Obama? What about Bush?

Peggy Alley says President Obama should be impeached (Readers respond, Nov. 8). I remind Ms. Alley however, that all the conditions she mentions, including enforcement of immigration laws, existed, and in most cases were created, during the Bush administration. American citizens were losing jobs, having their homes foreclosed on and having to choose between food and prescriptions. Illegal immigrants were coming into the country in record numbers and sending their children to public schools. In addition the Bush administration embroiled us in two wars and lied about the reasons for one of them, resulting in the deaths of thousands of young Americans. We rewarded President Bush with a second term.

If we didn't impeach President Bush or even possibly charge him with war crimes, it is ludicrous to suggest impeaching a president who has spent two years trying to fix these problems with progressive reforms while being impeded on all sides by Republicans whose only interest is in the failure of this president.

Ann Power, Catonsville

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