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GOP: Man up and adopt deficit commission ideas

Hooray and Hallelujah! In the article in today's Sun we finally see the outlines of an action plan designed to reduce the federal deficit ("Deficit plan spreads the pain," Nov. 11). And, at the same time, the plan addresses some of the many problems for our country that have not been managed by our federal lawmakers or hierarchy from all political parties. Solve Social Security funding? Reduce government spending? Reform the tax structure? What a great list of issues that ought to be easy to get behind and support and work on in the halls of Congress.

And what is the reaction of our leaders? Soon-to-be-former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is quoted as saying that the plan is "simply unacceptable"! Another labeled the suggestions regarding Social Security as a "non-starter". And yet another lawmaker called for the suggestions to be "vigorously opposed by the American people." Is it any wonder that nothing of note gets accomplished by our legislators beyond more spending on various progressive programs that promise to bankrupt our country?

I call upon the new leadership in the House of Representatives to "man up" and propose legislation along the lines of the suggestions contained in the debt reduction task force report. The American people will be watching how our lawmakers respond to this challenge.

Sam Davis, Towson

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