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Sun shines a welcome spotlight on brain injury

Having survived a subdural hematoma, which occurred in July of 2007, the article about Austin Story's traumatic brain injury was the first thing I read Tuesday morning ("Kids make up largest group with traumatic brain injuries," Nov. 9). Although my profile is very different from Austin's, our trip through recovery is very much the same. These thoughts go out to Austin, his family, and the many others that have experienced a traumatic brain injury:

It is a long, strange trip, but the brain is a fluid and amazing organ. It will look for a new way to find the answer, if it is asked. Never stop asking, looking and pushing forward.

To family and friends of traumatic brain injury survivors: There is a country song that talks about swimming with boots on. That is a good way to describe the state that traumatic brain injury victims find themselves in. We see it as treading water, but it's harder than the observer can tell.

To the Baltimore Sun: This article is a service to our community, drawing attention to an injury that is misunderstood and pretty invisible. Thank you for publishing it.

Kathleen Sanner, Baltimore

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