Reconsider slots at Pimlico

After carefully reading your front page story about slots in relation to Tuesday's election ("Maryland Jockey Club to curtail operations," Nov. 3), it would seem that one solution that would solve many of the problems of Baltimore City, the Maryland Jockey Club, the state of Maryland and the average citizen would be to reconsider slots at Pimlico Race Course. I know the residents of the area raised a mild protest, which sent all politicians and state and local officials scampering away from the idea.

Maybe it is time to reconsider. Maryland's diverse racing infrastructure cannot survive on a 40-day spring meet at Pimlico. Find a way to have the Jockey Club have slots at Pimlico, with some protections and safeguards for the neighborhood. This would save Laurel Park from closing and make Maryland racing solvent, and up the financial ante for the state and city and the Maryland Jockey Club. This would also solve the city's failure to agree on just about anything about slots, from location to who gets to own them.

It would seem like this plan, or some variation on it, would offer the best hope to protect the interests of all concerned and accomplish the intent of the people of Baltimore City and the citizens of Maryland.

Tom Mason, Brooklyn Park

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