OK, Republicans, it's your economy now

Now that they have won the House of Representatives back ("Republicans gain House control," Nov. 3), I want to know where the jobs are and why the economy is still in the tank. In this day and age of instant-gratification-isn't-quick-enough, I'm wondering why the pundits are giving the Republics such an easy ride so far. After all, they won back the House, as pundits have been predicting they would since July 2009. Surely they have had enough time to halt a return of the Great Recession, get housing prices back on track, re-employ millions while eliminating taxes for the wealthy, revamping the health insurance system and reforming education and Social Security. What are the Republicans waiting for?

And by the way, it would be nice to know why the heartland of America voted for the so-called tea party candidates, against their own best interests. It's ironic that as soon as a candidate is elected, they become by definition a Washington insider.

Mickey Goldberg, Owings Mills

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