Sutley is the right choice in 3rd District

The Greater Baltimore Sierra Club disagrees with the Baltimore Sun's endorsement of Todd Huff over Ben Sutley for Baltimore County's 3rd District council seat ("Baltimore County endorsements," Oct. 27).

The Sierra Club was proud to endorse outgoing Councilman T. Bryan McIntire for his tireless and successful land preservation accomplishments. However, after reaching out to both candidates for consideration of a general election endorsement, only Mr. Sutley responded, thereby demonstrating that he understands the importance of, and will enthusiastically work for, the preservation of northern Baltimore County's unique environmental values.

Conservation of northern Baltimore County protects the reservoirs that supply our drinking water, sustains our agricultural and recreational industry and avoids the costs imposed on county taxpayers by sprawl development. The Sierra Club urges all 3rd District residents to cast their vote for Ben Sutley.

Janet Schollenberger, Glen Arm

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