O'Malley is conniving and dishonest

The Sun's contention that Gov. Martin O'Malley's "embarrassing and silly attempt to put a positive spin on lackluster job reports" is not indicative, as former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. contends, of the "administrations failure to foster job growth" is correct ("Ehrlich on the attack," Sept. 28). I am sure that Governor O'Malley has done everything in his power to foster job growth, especially in this election year. Unfortunately, one of the best ways to foster job growth in Maryland is to promote and retain businesses in Maryland, at which Governor O'Malley has been a dismal failure.

What Mr. O'Malley's actions are indicative of is his predilection to use any means possible to stay in office. Being embarrassing and silly is not the same as being conniving and dishonest. I would hope that as unbiased professional journalists The Sun would understand that distinction.

It is time to put integrity and decency back in to Maryland politics. I am afraid that with Governor O'Malley at the helm this is not possible.

Isabell Starr

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