Kamenetz's arrogant, negative attitude

When the race for Baltimore County executive began, I thought I would vote for the winner in the Democratic primary between Joe Bartenfelder and Kevin Kamenetz because of their years of experience on the County Council. Then, according to the article "Kamenetz calls for unity in Balto. Co." (Sept. 16), Kenneth Holt, the Republican Mr. Kamenetz will face in November, says he thought Mr. Kamenetz ran an "ugly campaign ... based on attack ads, false statements, a lot of information that was not honest."

I feel that Mr. Holt was being much too kind in his estimate.

Then, after the nasty campaign he ran, Mr. Kamenetz, in his victory speech, had the chutzpa to make a pitch for party unity. "I invite Joe to join with me." I translate that to mean he now needs Mr. Bartenfelder to forget all the malicious things he said during the campaign and please help him win in November.

I certainly don't know how Mr. Bartenfelder will respond, but I do know that I don't want that kind of negative, arrogant attitude to be representing me as the county executive.

David Gosey, Towson

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