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What promises has Obama kept?

In a September 8th opinion piece, "Say what you will, Obama's kept his promises," Irwin Weiss proclaims that President Obama, in a refreshing break from typical presidential performance, has kept his campaign promises.

Let's see. Is Guantanamo Bay closed? No. Any action on disclosures on lobbying or restricting role of lobbyists? No — all the happy talk about closing the revolving door was just that, talk. Transparency for government agencies, posting bills on-line before signing? Nope. Increased protection for whistleblowers? No, actually he's acted against whistleblowers. Overhaul of immigration? Nothing there. Increased oversight on surveillance? No, in fact the opposite. And does anyone buy that the war in Iraq is over? Tell that to the widows of the men killed in action within days of that premature celebration.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has been extending executive privilege and increasing the culture of secrecy at a pace that puts his predecessor's efforts to shame. Oh, and we got to see him hand pots and pots of money to the financial services industry — notice how many ex-employees of Goldman Sachs work for him — then watch while these companies had banner years and paid out humongous bonuses.

Next up (after the election) will be the report from the bipartisan deficit commission saying, surprise, we need to cut Social Security for you poor slobs out there. Hmm, kind of makes you wonder why registered Democrats lack enthusiasm and will likely find something better to do than vote come election day.

Seth Messing, Towson

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