In fundraising, few candidates' hands are clean

Wednesday's editorial ("Buying influence?," September 7) made an important and valid point about the potentially troublesome role of money in today's political campaigns. And I agree wholeheartedly that as they educate themselves about candidates and issues, voters should review and consider the sources of candidates' campaign contributions.

I was disappointed, though, that The Sun supported the theme by recycling as news a nine-month-old story from the Patuxent papers ("Balto. Co. Council candidates reap benefits of lawyers' fundraisers," September 7) that paints a dated and incomplete picture of the race for the open County Council seat in District 1.

The story quoted a District 1 candidate, Greg Morgan, a local contractor who has himself accepted contributions from Merritt Properties, realty companies, title companies and construction companies. The story also failed to examine or report the contributions received by any of the other candidates in that race, all of whom, not surprisingly, have taken contributions from businesses and individuals who, not surprisingly, have points of view on matters that may, someday, come before the council.

The principle is a critical one and worth raising as voting for primaries is under way. But it would be too bad if voters were to make their judgments based only on the limited information contained in The Sun's story and editorial.

Heather A. Ford, Catonsville

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