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Smart thinking by BGE may solve powerful mystery

I read with great interest the problems that Southeast Baltimore residents are experiencing with power outages. ("As residents raise concerns, BGE promises to fix outages," Aug. 28).

My neighbors and I faced a similar problem on Bernoudy Rd., White Hall, Baltimore County, and we were disappointed when the Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. couldn't solve it. Many times, everybody around us on York, Big Falls and Wiseburg roads were "on" and we were out of electricity. Our road consists of 103 homes and our on-going complaints became BGE's "Bernoudy Rd. Corridor" problem.

Three letters to the president and CEO of BGE brought tree trimmers and lightning arrestors, but no relief.

It's an old idiom, but the "squeaky wheel gets the grease" seems to have worked. I kept writing.

I was suspicious when two young BGE technicians came to my home last week with a "plan." What could they do that the older, more experienced technicians had failed to do in the past?

They found a section of 2,000 feet of primary wire, running through a wooded area, that they recommend be re-routed from Wiseburg Rd. to Bernoudy Rd. It is simply old and out-moded and no longer needed.

Two new poles will be put up and reclosures (computerized circuit breakers) will be installed along with "smart fuses" in place of conventional ones.

Residents on Bernoudy are ecstatic. The young technicians' plan looks great and we are eager to see it implemented. They are our "knights in shining armor" who have restored credibility to BGE and hopefully this will solve the Bernoudy Corridor's puzzling problem.

David Boyd, White Hall

The writer is president of the Wiseburg/Bernoudy Community Association.

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