Hospital CEO pay: Help seniors cope with insurance costs

You failed to mention the CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield, which is even sweeter than some of the hospital's CEO's where we, the subscribers, are paying for their lavish life styles while many of the seniors who are paying such outrageous premiums for this supplemental coverage, can hardly pay these premiums.

We pay for their vacations while many seniors stay home because their limited incomes are being used for insurance, making many seniors insurance poor. Many seniors can attest to the continuing higher cost of their supplemental coverage when in fact they hardly pay nothing.

Paying for those who are uninsured is another reason for these high costs. All of us seniors could use this $1100.00 per person being paid out to cover the uninsured, which is putting a burden on many. There is no reason for these high costs when Medicare is the primary coverage and these premiums for these supplementals should be in line with what we pay for this Medicare primary coverage when BCBS is supposed to be a non-profit organization.

Give the seniors a break by making this supplemental coverage more affordable. It is just too expensive for the average senior citizen living on Social Security benefits when many are still keeping their homes and need funds to keep their homes in good repair. And this government is causing all of this when nothing is controlled or capped and the reason why many then find themselves under the assistance program.

Many seniors want to pay their way, like they did when they were working, but nothing is being made easy for us seniors when the insurance keeps going up. This includes the prescription program that was initiated with good intentions, but this too has increased every year.

So, lets put the blame where needed when these costs could be made affordable for us seniors living on limited incomes and in some cases, very limited income. Everyone likes to have a dinner out, but many cannot do this because the insurance premiums come first and if there is something left, many of those who stay at home can find the time and funds to have an enjoyable night out.

Since Medicare is a government program, they should cover 100% for anyone on Medicare, that would then make better sense and should be more affordable.

Janet Keplinger, Parkville

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