Get all the facts on stents

Jay Hancock's column ("Stance on stents is something only a lawyer could love," Aug. 31) or should I be referring to him as Doctor Hancock, has tried to educate all of us, yet again, on some of the medical intricacies of cardiac stents.

I'm sorry, but I simply could find no reference about what medical school Mr. Hancock attended. I am really tired of all of the sensational stories printed in The Baltimore Sun over the past few months that simply range from speculative, to the old adage of, "a little knowledge can be worse than none at all."

I have been in the medical profession for over thirty years. Anyone who thinks that diagnosing and treating human beings falls into the same category with black and white data that can be used while working on inanimate machines, or say, in the financial market, has surely never donned a pair of scrubs. This is especially true in areas of critical care, where lives hang in the balance on a regular basis. Putting in a stent requires a lot of skill, and thousands can be very glad that someone as skillful as Dr. Mark Midei was at hand.

Lawyers have stirred things up, scared a lot of people who were quite possibly glad to be alive and kicking, and essentially passed judgment on a doctor and hospital without all of the facts at hand.

Ginny Larsen, Baltimore

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