Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Sun coverage of Beck rally fell short

Nicole Fuller's piece on the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally in D.C. this past week described only the bare essence of the gathering ("Thousands attend Beck rally," Aug. 29). First off, the "thousands" were in the hundreds of thousands. Secondly, she completely left out the fact that the rally was to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation that provides college scholarships, educational grants, financial aid, and counseling to children of United States special operations soldiers killed or severely wounded while in service.

Finally, she left out the fact that the rally raised over five million dollars to support this worthy organization. Plus, she left out the fact that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's niece was in attendance and gave a stirring speech on the subject of equality and spiritual unity for all people. Ms. Fuller failed to report the fact that of the three people who received special merit awards for their community, charitable efforts were black, and nearly fifty percent of the stage speakers and guests were black.

Frankly, her article was rather lame and barely rises to any standard of journalistic balance, if there is one today. This rally ranks with the six largest historic gatherings of people ever assembled on The Mall in the past 50 years. If any of these things were "hijacked," as the Rev. Al Sharpton stated that Mr. Beck was doing to the civil rights movement, it is Ms. Fuller's appreciation of the salient facts and reporting on the rest of the story.

Anthony Lambros, Fallston

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