Benefits of national ID outweigh drawbacks

I must say that I agree with Rozabell Nester (Readers respond, April 30) regarding the need for a national ID.

Unfortunately illegal immigration has reached a point where dealing with the problem outweighs the negative aspects of a national ID. And there are plenty of negatives regarding a national ID.

We must go one step further though. We must hold employers responsible for hiring only legal residents. They must check the IDs for every person they employ, even if the person hired is mowing the lawn. That is the only way we can deal with this problem.

Stiff escalating fines and ultimately imprisonment for the flagrant violators must be given to those who ignore the law and hire illegals.

That really is the only solution to this ongoing problem. If we are unwilling to accept a national ID program, we must be willing to tolerate illegal aliens living in our midst.

Tom Armstrong, Pasadena

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