We need a national ID

The constitutionality of Arizona's anti-illegal immigrant law is a matter the highest court of the land must decide. I'm tired of allegations that it shows we're headed for a fascist future, reminiscent of Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union. I'm a history student and seen no connection between totalitarianism and Arizona's attempt to stem crime in their state.

Now that the demagogues have found a soapbox and May Day demonstrations are planned this weekend, clearer heads must prevail. Many Americans see illegal immigration as a threat, especially today with so many citizens out of work. Furthermore, the drug wars of Mexico have spilled over to the adjacent border states, bringing crime, violence and even death.

Although I hate to admit it, it's time for a national identity card. While I loathe the concept of an "internal passport," matters regarding immigration have so hopelessly deteriorated. Foreigners in the country would need such identification as would I, a native-born American. I have a drivers' license and a Social Security card, one more wouldn't be all that burdensome, I guess.

Here's a tragic example of what happens when any nation and its citizens welcome lawbreakers into their midst. We have brought this upon ourselves. We have only ourselves to blame!

Rozabell Nester, Baltimore

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