Senator Levin’s language during Senate hearing was unacceptable

When I called Senator Carl Levin's office yesterday to complain about his off color language, I was treated very rudely by the woman who answered. She dismissed my complaint and said that I was missing the "bigger point."

The insolence of her demeanor raised my ire as I tried to explain that I was not missing anything, but this staffer wanted to deflect the reason for my call and refused to apologize for the Senator's poor choice of vocabulary.

Next, I called my Senators, Mikulski and Cardin, and asked them to condemn Senator Levin for his inappropriate language, but I'm still waiting. I realize I could wait for a very long time for these two to stand up for my cause.

It appears to me that Senator Levin has an incompetent staff, so I would like to offer some assistance. Firstly, an apology to the people of the United States is in order. We must insist on standards of decency and decorum from our elected officials. Senator Levin has breached these standards with his indecent language. Secondly, I offer some more appropriate adjectives that the Senator might use to describe the Goldman Sachs financial products under fire in his committee. More appropriate would be:











The discourse in this country is sinking to ever lower levels and the citizens demand a higher standard from our elected officials. Clean up your mouth, Senator Levin. You shame yourself, the citizens of Michigan and the United States, as well as the body you represent.

Susan Scott, Forest Hill

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