Senate hearings made politicians look worse than Goldman Sachs

I watched a large portion of yesterdays special Senate hearings into Goldman Sachs role in the recent financial collapse. I came away with the feeling that the country might be better served if it was run by the Goldman folks rather than by the buffons running the hearing. It was apparent from the start that the committee members were practically drooling to get into the faces of the Goldman reps. It was also apparent that,other than Sen. Colburn, they knew practically nothing about how a firm like Goldman Sachs operates. Watching Sen. Levin was embarrasing, from his child like repeating of the barnyard epitath to his attempt at trying to get Goldman's CEO to acknowledge taking tax payers money via a payment from AIG.

The Goldman folks were accussed by the committee of being arrogant, when it was the committee members who seemed that way to me. If this had been a contest of class and intelligence The Goldman folks were clear winners.

R.P. Salmon, Linthicum

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