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Ralph Jaffe for governor

My name is Ralph Jaffe. I am a political science teacher. When I first started teaching in 1964 I told my students that Maryland was one of the most corrupt states in the Union. Fast forward to 2010 - nothing has changed. This is why I am now a candidate for governor in the September 2010 Democratic primary. I want to put a stop to the moral bankruptcy in Maryland politics and replace it with a new word, ETHICS.

My platform is based on 5 principles.

#1 - I will not accept campaign contributions because they are disguised bribes.

#2 - I will have no dealings with paid professional lobbyists.

#3 - I will serve one term only. This way I'm not in the campaign for power, fame, or personal wealth, but rather I want to be a good public servant.

#4 - I will tell the truth all of the time, not some of the time.

#5 - I will serve free. I will set aside the $150,000 annual salary of the governor for the purpose of trying to hire a combination of three teachers, firefighters and/or police officers.

These 5 principles must be adhered to if we are ever going to get true, ethical politicians. I am not a politician; rather, I am a teacher. Electing me as the next governor in the state of Maryland would mark a major step in the movement to compel future politicians to comply with the above stated principles.

Yes - thisi s a peaceful revolution to get rid of money and corruption out of politics. I'm asking you to join this movement and make this goal a reality. Please call me at 410-764-2409 and help bring about true, ethical reform in our political system.

Ralph Jaffe, Democratic candidate for Governor

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